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By Jim Phillips

Graymatter Labs Launches Bright Mind: The First Drinkable ADHD Supplement

Innovative New Product Offers 100% Natural, Effective Solution for Enhanced Focus and Productivity

Chicago, IL, May 29, 2024 – Graymatter Labs, the leading manufacturer of plant based alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, is excited to announce the launch of Bright Mind, the first drinkable supplement designed specifically for individuals with ADHD. Bright Mind is a groundbreaking product that promises to revolutionize the way people manage their focus, energy, and productivity through a healthy, natural, and convenient approach.

About Bright Mind

Bright Mind is a scientifically formulated supplement that combines 27 powerful, all-natural ingredients to provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional harsh ADHD medications. Unlike pills or capsules, Bright Mind comes in a delicious strawberry lemonade flavor, making it a pleasant addition to any daily routine. Key benefits of Bright Mind include:

  • Enhanced Focus: Nootropics & adaptogens ingredients that support sustained attention and concentration.
  • Increased Energy: A gentle boost from Green Tea & B vitamins to help users stay alert and active throughout the day.
  • Brain Boost: Nootropics and adaptogens that support overall brain health and cognitive function.
  • Vision Support: Carotenoids that promote eye health and reduce strain from prolonged screen time.
  • Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Nothing Artificial: Suitable for a variety of dietary preferences and needs.
  • GMP Certified & Made in the USA

Customer Testimonials

Thousands of users have already experienced the transformative effects of Bright Mind. Here’s what some of them have to say:

I love this product! Both my boyfriend and myself struggle with ADHD and we have a hard time getting going in the morning and staying on task throughout the day. Bright Mind has provided us with the energy to start our days and has given us much greater focus to complete our daily tasks. We've even noticed that our ability to hold conversations in a clear and linear way has improved! I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for an increase in focus, awareness, energy, and all-around cognitive enhancement.” 

Katherine B., Sonora, CA. Satisfied Customer

“Natural remedy for adult ADHD. As someone who has been looking for an alternative to the intense, expensive prescriptions over the years I was thrilled to discover Bright Mind. I can maintain my focus for a few hours after taking it and am delighted with the results. Worth trying if you benefit from the combination of feeling calm and concentrated! I experienced zero side effects and it tastes great.

Jennifer T., Lakewood, FL. Satisfied Customer


Supporting Data on the ADHD Epidemic

The ADHD epidemic has seen a significant rise over the past decade, as evidenced by recent data. The number of people on prescription stimulants has increased by 70%, and the number of stimulants prescribed has doubled. This surge highlights a growing dependency on pharmaceutical solutions for managing ADHD symptoms.

Additionally, young adults today are 3-4 times more likely to face mental health issues compared to previous generations, underscoring the urgent need for effective and accessible alternatives like Graymatter's Bright Mind.

This natural supplement aims to fill a large gap in the market by offering a safer, non-prescription option for those struggling with ADHD.

Source: PubMed: Stimulants trends in the last decade


Bright Mind is now available for purchase on the Graymatter website https://trygraymatter.com/products/brightmind-1. Customers can choose from various purchasing options, including single tubs and subscription plans for added convenience and savings.

About Graymatter Labs

Graymatter exists to provide natural alternatives to commonly over-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. Our products are developed in association with a Nutritional Sensory Biology Lab and PhD Molecular Biologists in Chicago & Switzerland. We use cutting edge nootropics & plant-based compounds designed to mimic the effects of over-prescribed drugs without the side effects. By combining cutting-edge research with natural ingredients, Graymatter aims to offer effective and accessible products that empower individuals to reach their full potential.


Contact Information

For more information about Bright Mind or to schedule an interview with a Graymatter spokesperson, please contact:

Jim Phillips
Co-Founder CEO
Graymatter Labs
Email: hello@trygraymatter.com


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