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By Jim Phillips

36% of Bright Mind Drinkers are C-Suite 👔

Want to see what Graymatter customers look like? 

Like any business, we exist to serve you, our customers. 

To best do so we ran a test to better understand more about who drinks Bright Mind. 

The results are super interesting so we thought you'd like to see them as well. 

First off, y'all are super successful, damn!

Bright Mind Drinkers in the C-Suite

Greater than 50% of you are Director Level and above 👏

We might be biased, but this lends to a pretty cool narrative.

"If you want to be successful drink Bright Mind!"

Joking aside I think it shows the type of people who gravitate toward the mission of our brand.

We are curious and ambitious high achievers 🥇


Big in Tech, Law, & Finance

By far the the biggest industry of Bright Mind drinkers is in engineering.

But its a well rounded distribution of fields 👷‍♂️💻👩‍⚕️🛍️👩‍⚖️🏦


Top Schools

University of Wisconsin with the top slot 🎓

followed by FSU where our Co-Founder Novi played Football 🏈


Top States

Cali & Illinois with the top slots. 

Honestly kinda surprised Texas and Florida aren't higher here. 

A LOT of you order from Texas and Florida 🤠🐊


Let's get that Bag 💰

We already know you are successful so it's no surprise that over 57% of you make over $100k a year. 

We exist to help you be more productive.

If it's your goal to make more $ hopefully we can help you do so 📈

For demographics, about 40% of you are female 💃 and 60% male 🕺.

If you are curious, we used a company called Exact Buyer to estimate this information. A friend of mine started it so he let us run this report for free. 

Hopefully you found this info fun and interesting.

To me, it shows us we are building with like minded people who strive to be successful. 

In the future we'll be launching community driven opportunities to connect and share feedback. It will likely be on Discord, Facebook Groups, or Slack. If you have a preference let us know!

To Brighter Minds,



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